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Woke up this morning with my hands clenched into tiny, tiny fists and my knuckles practically white from the effort. Weird.
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True Goodbyes are the One Never Said and Never Explained.

I have to work tonight and in the mean time, I'm doing four loads of laundry while I try to figure out what the Husband is actually doing with his time that makes it impossible for assistance. I think I'm developing a serious hankering for the need of chocolate and I'm thinking that smoking regular Camels today aren't helping my nicotine desire nor the fact that I appear to be officially PMSing. Today is a great day. Rii-iight.
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I'm So In Love With You...

As we were coming down the mountain, I nearly bit off Nicky's arm to stop her from turning off Lonestar. (Gee, I wonder what state they're from... if you can't guess, I hate you unless you're from some other country.) I snarled and did the gnawing-biting thing that she does sometimes only when I do it I tend to leave marks. Anyway, I made her listen to it and to liven it up a little--since she seems to hate country--I sang the lyrics to her, which made her laugh so hard she was practically snorting. It was the best thing in the entire world especially on a day like today... It's something I'd've done with Jenn, actually...

I have my first sociology test tomorrow and I'm going to be doing as much cramming as possible tonight at work. It shouldn't be much of a problem since I know the subject matter fairly well. Of course, now that I've mentioned how fantabulously teacher's pet-like I am, I'm going to fail the test miserably and cry about it to my professor who said that she'll take blood if she has to and that it's our fault should we fail. (Of course, she's right with that assessment.) The only part of the test that I will be sketchy on is the area dealing with the research methods sociologists use since there are like... seven of them. No really, seven.

I pulled out of my economics class. The professor was very nice about it. He agreed that I didn't belong in that class and that I really don't know what the hell he was talking about all the time. I think the big fat 50 I scored on my first exam was a big indicator, but it could have also been the fact that I have a perpetual confused frown on my face whenever I was there.

Nichole is doing great not only as my roommate, substitute best friend for the southern best friend, in school but also in her personal life. She's been doing fantabulous at school (although she's paranoid about her upcoming math test) and she even made a ton of new friends. I tend to hang out with them and I think my favorites are Sarah--eccentric, coldly analytical and generally insane--as well as Shannon and Turzee. She lost her job at Subway for bullshit reasons that I won't get into because every time I think about it, I feel the need to call up the Labor Commission and explain to them just how illegal Krissy is with that place. Anyway, her personal life is finally going in a proper direction and for that I am both happy and jealous. (She's in the puppy love stage... oh, how I miss thee!)

Drew's a dick, but that's standard.

Work has been incredibly boring the last few nights mostly because there doesn't seem to be the usual influx of MA/out-of-state/Internet calls that we always get. There were no prank calls yesterday via Internet (we get those a lot) and most of my calls were either MA (no answer/hang ups) or NY (the same). Very nice and interesting although it made me very sleepy and cranky to a fault. (The upcoming period may have something to do with that.) I'll be unhappy this weekend when I'm no longer working with Erica and Jen, who were in the training class with me. It's fun to sit around and either goof off with one another, make fun of one another or to talk about penisitis, which is an actual disease.

My thoughts are all over the place. So much to say and so little time to say it.

EEK! Speaking of time, I have to shovel food down my throat so that I can shower before work.

Last things last, my altar is set up. I'm very excitedhappyOMGsquee!
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Please leave links to the entries of major importance, like you know, life-changing events.
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Hi! Not Back Yet, But... I Can Update Today!

Internet The Internet question is still highly debatable. We thought we would have Internet as of this passed week but Verizon decided to be dickheads about it. We have telephone but still no DSL in sight. It looks like we may get the modem next Monday, but there is still a question about that so who the fuck knows?

School School has been going all right. I've found some pretty coold [geeky] friends to hang out with in between classes and when I'm waiting for Nicky to get out of class. Most of my classes are going very well except with economics. I took my first test in that class Wednesday and let's just say... I didn't do very well. So, this Monday, I'm going to be starting the proceeding to withdraw from that class. It kind of sucks because that economics class would fill one of three math requirements I need for my Liberal Arts TRNSFR major, but... it looks like I'll have to find something else to replace it since I just don't know what the fuck is going on with economics.

My other classes are wonderful, mostly. My art history teacher has been just showing us slides and talking about them. I completely confuzzled him this passed week since we were going over ancient Egyptian artwork. Needless to say, I knew a hell of a lot more about that subject than he did. (cheesy smile) My sociology class is absolutely wonderful! I love the class, the teacher and the subject matter. I'm annoyed with the last two chapters I've read but there's nothing to be done for it. Algebra is going all right, too, but I'm normally like that when it comes to regular math-math: Just fine when we're going over it but lost months after I leave the class.

Work Well, where do I begin with the complaints on that one? Honestly, I don't know. We've had three weeks of training and as of Monday, instead of our fourth week of training, we're being shuttled to the floor to take live calls. It's not that I'm not ready for that but I think it's a little ridiculous that they're shoving us out of the nest before some of us are ready. We took live calls Friday and I screwed up only twice so other than that... Again, I can't go much into my job what with the FCC confidentiality contract I signed, but I can complain about how much I (A) hate the words "go ahead" and (B) am beginning to not like those people who are deaf/hard-of-hearing. I guess that's common there, though.

Life I don't think I have one of those. I seem to always be running from one end to another and it's just really hard. I'm hoping that once I get my actual work schedule instead of my training work schedule, things will change but I'm not sure in all honesty. I always feel tired and I've been sick the last two weeks almost non-stop. If push comes to shove, I'll bounce my work schedule back to weekends only and leave the rest of the week as is.

There are other things going on in my life, but honestly... it's not worth mentioning just yet.
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Still on Hiatus.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
-- Albert Einstein

There's a pretty good lead that I may have Internet running by some time, mid-week. Chris took our computer and did a ton of computer-geek-y things to it that makes Brendan giggle like a school girl. There's a bigger hard drive, which Brendan mentioned might become mine when he finally has the money and inclination to update to something special that has the word "dual" and "core" in the same arena. (I really don't know what the fuck he was talking about, though.)

School is going all right, insofar, however this is only the second week of school so I truly cannot comment. I have had some issues with one of my classes (economics) but that's mostly because I truly do not understand a word that is said in that class. As I explained it to someone recently: "My teacher talks in class, but what he says is Greek to me. So, I read the book but what the book says is like Greek to me. So, I take diligent, stupid-people-type notes on the book and in class, but even my notes are like Greek to me!" There is some serious question, from me, as to whether or not I will actually pass this class. I'm hoping but I'll only be able to get a definitive idea after we've taken our first test, which isn't until the end of the month or so. My other classes (art history, algebra and sociology) are going splendidly, though. I especially enjoy soc.

I started work this past Monday and that seems to be going all right, although I am terribly bored. For the next three weeks, I have more and more training. I really can't discuss work (due to the confidentiality contract I signed) except that it has been a boring week of training. I think that most of the people who are in my training course will pass except for one. She's a little girl who... well, I just don't think she'll go very far with the company.

I'd like to say more but the only thing I have left is that I am tired, exhausted beyond all measure and sick as a dog. I need to rest before I go to work, so...

In the mean time, everyone comment here and tell me what is going on in your life since I realized that I cannot possibly keep tabs on all journals.

P.S. ERIN I saw your post and I saw your comment about me and I'm not happy. I also received your letter two days ago. I'll try to reply but seeming as if I hate you that may not happen. /snark
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